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When To Move Up Poker Limits

When To Move Up Poker Limits

Poker players will often search long and hard for articles or advice regarding when it is the correct time to move up limits. Many players have massively different opinions regarding this subject some stating that you should only move up once you are a winner after "x" amount of hands, normally in the region of 100,000 hands at a site like (if you visit this partypoker bonus code page you will get the highest signup bonus possible).

Other poker players say you should move up once you have "x" amount of buyins. My only issue with adopting this strategy is that players may get very lucky over the short term and have enough buyins to warrant a move up in level. Obviously when committing to this strategy you should state a time when you will move down limits again if you begin to lose. An example of using this strategy would be moving up limits when you have 50 buyins at the limit you want to move up from and then in return moving down when you only have "x" amount of buyins, x being higher if you are a cautious player and lower if you want to take a bigger risk.

It is important to remember that you shouldn't be looking to play at the highest limit possible, you should always be aiming to make the most money per hour. Some players will make more money 6 tabling $0.25/$0.50 then other players who 2 table $5/$10. It will take some poker players literally years to find out where they make the most money. For players who are new to the game it is definitely best to experiment at various limits with a different number of tables open to see what produces the best results for you.

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