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Playing Multiple Tables At Poker

An advantage of online poker playing is that you easily have the ability to play different tables at the same time, which is to your advantage if you are someone that wins a lot or just likes plenty of playing action.

Some online playing sites have a cap limit on how many tables you can be at playing at the same time. At some of these the limit is one talbe and at others it can be as many as four or five. Something that you might need to be careful is that when you are clicking back and forth between windows that you do not accidentially make the wrong play on something that you wanted to do differently. Most online playing sites where you can use game buttons to go ahead and make your play for you before it is your turn, they are called "in-turn" buttons. The most common of these is the check in turn button that allows you to check before it is your turn.

When playing in games that will allow you play multiple tables, you will become keen that you will have bigger swings in your money pot over the short time frame. Sometimes you will find that you will lose at all tables simultaneously and sometimes you can win at all tables. It is key that you mentally have yourself ready for these swings as they come. There those players that must win at all times and if you are one of them, you must prepare yourself to such and play at tables where you can win or have been winning. If you do not, it will only increase your rate of losing.

One way for doing is that you can play manually at multiple tables switching back and forth between them or the program and can let you know that it is your turn to go, which can get a little confusing if you don't pay close attention. The pre-action buttons are good to use if you are folding so that you have more time for decisions on the other tables. These buttons can become your best friends when you are dealt a good hand and do not need to pay attention to that table until the next hand.

Monitors with resolutions of 1600 by 1200 that can allow you to fit up to four tables at once without giving away any overlap. Some poker programs will still give out minimal amounts of overlap but no more than about 10%. If you are someone who enjoys multiple table play, then having the 1600 by 1200 screen will benefit you tremendously. Who knows, this screen could be the difference in you winning or losing some games because you can always see that game. If you are a player that is constantly involved in high stakes/ no-limit games, where careful attention is required, then a good 21 inch monitor is the best for you and and they can be found for $300-500 in the U.S.

A useful tool for this kind of playing is to only open two tables and begin getting used to those at first and then once you have played several hands and feel comfortable, begin using a third table. Slowly increase your number of tables as you feel more comfortable.
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