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Poker Bluffing

When you think about playing poker, there are three things that you should consider to be some of the most important aspects of the game. Strategy takes a good deal of cunning and knowing how to read your opponents. Folding is knowing that you have no way of winning with what you've been dealt and saving your money for the next round. And then there is bluffing, the art of misdirection and deception, the hardest thing any poker player will ever need to learn.

The term bluffing covers a wide swath of terminology and it can be used to refer to actually bluffing, semi-bluffing, deceiving, misrepresenting, and manipulating your opponents. In a way, you could simply say your 'stealing' from your opponents. Other players would call this 'having an edge'. No matter what you want to call it, bluffing is how poker players grab the opportunities they are given and turning it to their advantage.

Bluffing is actually knowing when to slip in there and snatch the opportunity away from another player without them ever knowing that you did it. The trick here is to know when to bet on a so-so hand and make everyone else at the table think you've got the best poker hand ever. If you only bet on the good hands you're dealt, you'll never play against someone of your caliber and be challenged. The opposite is also true in that if you bet every hand, you'll be broke in no time. You need to learn when to 'steal' by bluffing the right amount of time.

Bluffing should be done when your opponents are least expecting it. If you think the situation warrants a bluff, stop and think about whether or not your opponents are expecting it. If they are, play the hand straight, even if it means folding. If they aren't expecting the bluff, go for it. Bluff from an early position, with small pots, when you hand is weak and not strong, when you take three cards in the draw instead of one…you get the idea. Make your opponent wonder what you're doing and make a move when they least expect it.

In order to misdirect and deceive your opponents you will want to bluff. It takes time to learn how to properly do it, but you can. And when you get away with a successful bluff, your stack of chips will get bigger then theirs.

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