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Paypal Poker Bankroll Tips

Paypal Poker Bankroll

With the recent addition of Paypal to a number of poker sites such as Paddy Power, 888 Poker and Lucky Ace Poker now has never been a better time to load up your paypal account and start taking advantage of the great benefits you will receive from having your bankroll on the worlds largest payment processor.

Paypal is a great way of keeping all of your online poker funds together. There is nothing worse then having to sign up to tons of different payment providers in order to deposit at your favourite poker sites. Paypal allows you to cut out this hassle and is a great way to manage your online poker bankroll. Simply upload your bankroll through any of the deposit options paypal offers and then deposit your cash on to the poker site you want to play at completely fee free! When you want to cash out simply go to "withdraw" on your online poker account and your cash will be withdrawn to your paypal account, again completely fee free!

Three Great Benefits Of Having Your Poker Bankroll On Paypal!

1. Safety : As the leading online Ewallet paypal prides itself on having up to the minute security procedures. Paypal has a large security team working for them 24 hours a day seven days a weak, so rest assured when your money or details are uploaded to paypal it will be 100% safe.

2. Speed : Deposits from credit or debit cards on to your paypal account happen instantly. With minutes of typing in your details your cash will be in your account and be able to be deposited in to your poker account or spent online at any one of the thousands of paypal friendly sites. You will also have the option to deposit to a poker site using an instant check through Paypal's cashier. Withdrawals are also very speedy from the paypal site, on average you will have any money withdrawn back in your bank account within 3-5 days of requesting it.

3. Compatibility: As Paypal is the largest online payment processor you won't have any trouble finding general sites that will take your paypal money. The problem with other specialist gambling related payment processors, such as Neteller and Moneybookers is that you will stuggle to find general sites that accept these as payment methods. With paypal you will never have that problem as the majority of online e-commerce sites accept Paypal funds.

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